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How to keep your Papilio rug in TOP condition !

Rugs are a beautiful added value to your home but it is important to know how to maintain and clean them to protect their lifetime.
Cleaning your carpets regularly keeps your floorcoverings looking great on the surface, and it also helps to remove abrasive dirt particles that damage the fibers, cause premature wear and eventually shorten the life of your carpet.
Following recommendations will prolong the life of your rugs and keep it looking clean and fresh all year.

• Make sure that you clean up spills or stains as soon as they occur. 
Immediately blot spills clean with a dry absorbent white cloth. Never rub the surface pile. After drying, brush the pile so the affected area is in the same direction as the rest of the rug. A normal comb is very good for this as it separates the tufts and helps prevent a matted appearance.
Blot or scrape the spillage up depending on the type of spill. Blot, using a clean white 100% cotton dry towel and pressing down very hard from the outside towards the middle. Do this repeatedly, turning the folded towel over and over until you have absorbed as much moisture as possible. When you blot the spot move the towel in straight lines, NEVER RUB IN A CIRCLE, THIS CAN CAUSE PERMANENT DAMAGE TO YOUR RUG.

• Rotate your rug periodically to distribute the areas of heavy traffic. 
It is recommended that you rotate your rugs at least once a year. This means turning the rug end for end or 180 degrees. This helps the rug to wear more evenly. You may also want to rearrange your furniture to change traffic patterns.

• Never place rugs on damp or wet floors.

• Regularly vacuuming your rug is fundamental in prolonging the life and preventing premature wear. Don’t forget to vacuum the back of your rug at least once a month.

• Use a rug underlay to prevent color transfer onto existing floor coverings and hard floors, and tripping hazards on hard flooring.

• Avoid your rug (and floors) getting too dirty by protecting entrances to your home with dedicated barrier or door mats.

Depending on how your rug is made, they may require different treatments. Professionals will know which cleaning method to use. We can recommend the cleaning & maintenance products offered by James and Dr.Schutz: www.james.euand