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Papilio is excited to partner with Liora Manné. Her unique Lamontage process pairs handmade artistry with high-tech processing, producing non-woven rugs and fabrics that are more like pieces of art than conventional textiles. Polyester fibers are intricately cut, blended and layered by hand, then mechanically interlocked by needle-punching. Her highly-durable designs can be found adorning interiors like The Rubin Museum of Art, The Royal Palm Beach/Miami, The Four Seasons/Austin, Princeton University, and many residential spaces. Liora’s New York-based design studio develops new patterns daily for custom commercial and residential projects around the world. The applications are utilized for floor and wall coverings, to upholstery and pillows. Liora Manné’s creatively designed textiles serve as not only decorative elements, but true design solutions.

  • RPUN51-8080
  • Composition: Handmade Polyester needleloom felted rugs
  • Total weight: 1.59 kg/m²
  • Availability: Available from China or India
  • Outdoor
  • Liora Manne

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