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Pepper collection

1847: the first jeans are created. A sturdy pair of pants for gold diggers, pioneers and adventurers. John Wayne conquered the Wild West wearing them. Then James Dean conquered the rest of the world. These are rugged pants with a reputation. Everyone knows them, we all have some at home. We wear them, cherish them, allow ourselves to be admired in them, wear them out. And then we bear them regretfully to their grave, our companions. This line, the Vintage Jeans, breathes new life into them again. Jute and Neon: the next generation jeans now graces the floor beneath your feet. No more farewell to you, my friend.

  • RPVINT-3030
  • Composition: Recycled Denim Cotton & Jute
  • Total weight: 1,6 kg/m²
  • Availability: Available from China or India
  • Recycled

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