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There’s an animal in each of us. Can it be a fluffy little rabbit? A hasty hare? A feisty fox? Trust your instincts and it will gently settle on your floor, like a loyal friend. It’s not real animal skin, of course. We love animals! But it’s as good as real; you just don’t have to shave it. Unless you can, then it’s real. Like our magnificent hand-woven and hand-raised mohair. Wanna play rough? What would you say to a crocodile in your room? A sssssnake in your lounge? A hand-knotted snake, at that. Don’t worry, though. Underneath that animal look, they all hide a gentle nature.

  • RPCOBR-3838
  • Composition: Knotted Wool
  • Total weight: 3,2 kg/m²
  • Availability: On Stock in Belgium

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